Lauren and Jared

I had a pleasure to photograph a wonderful couple recently.  Take a look at their beautiful images and read their story below.
The day I met Lauren seems like just happened yesterday.
At my job as a Physician Assistant, I’ve met thousands of people, but I could tell right away that Lauren would be someone I would never forget.
I went to see a patient in the hospital on my lunch break, and as I was rounding the corner to the nursing unit, she immediately caught my eye. I saw her beautiful blonde hair and was immediately awe-struck.  I knew right away that I had to strike up a casual conversation with her, but how?
The patient that day came to my aid and became my “wing man.”  As I was finished doing my consultation, he asked “could maybe you or one of the nurses help me up in bed?”
It’s like he knew I was waiting for the perfect cue.
I slipped out into the hallway and spotted her. “Excuse me?  This gentleman needs help, could you help me get him up in bed?”  I was hoping this would appear noble, and I’m sure she could tell I was using him as a prop, but who cares?
When we were finished, I said “I need you to do this one test for me, maybe when you’re done you could just text me the results?”, as I slipped her my phone number.
It seemed like days were passing by waiting for that text, and I guilted myself into thinking I had blown my only chance.  Luckily a few hours later I got that text, and we’ve lived happily ever after since that day.  I wish I still remember what the patient’s name was, because he’d be sitting right up front for our wedding day 10 months from now

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