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My approach is simple – I shoot the way I would want my wedding photographer to photograph my wedding. And since this is one aspect of the wedding day  that will last forever, I would have certain expectations. The following 3 are the most vital to me:

1. Moments

I would love my wedding photographer to capture the atmosphere of my day, its unscripted moments. Whether it’s the way my mom looks at me when I put on my wedding gown or a quarter of a second before I kiss him… I want to see the relationship within my family through those images, fun personalities of my friends, the joy and sincerity that surrounds me and the people I love and all those little things that evoke the feeling of that day years after.  We only get one chance at life to experience those amazing moments and my goal is to preserve your Big Day by creating honest, yet visually striking imagery to be able to be transported back to that day years later and to have those feelings rekindled.
In my opinion, pure photojournalism should be complemented by stunning portraits, which leads to me to my second point.


Everybody is beautiful in their own way and it’s the photographer’s job to emphasize a bride’s beauty and sensuality when she is glowing on her big day.
I’m a huge sucker for bridal beauty shots 😉

3. ART

I would look for strong artistic component in my wedding photos; I simply don’t want to pay for pictures that are slightly better than my guests’ shots. I want to buy a piece of art with amazing colors and lighting, strong composition and style.  With every shot I take I’m constantly thinking of new ways to creatively tell your story using unorthodox techniques and distinct lighting, while creating that captivating feeling of presence when viewing your photos.
I believe that you can only be happy with your wedding images if you think your photographer is fantastic. Otherwise, it’s a waste of money.
My photography style is born from and based on my values, my background and my own bridal perspective, which is based on those 3 principles. If you believe that they are consistent with yours, give me a call or shoot me an email, I would love to meet you!
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  1. delightful work! your photos are very beautiful

  2. Was wondering price for wedding may31st of 2020 thank u

  3. Hello! I am getting married at barons red silo on 10-23-21 in champion, pa. Are you available then? If so, could you please send me packaging/pricing info. My phone number is (724) 984-0580 and my email is [email protected]

    Thank you!!

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