Kim & AJ

I absolutely couldn’t wait to shoot this beautiful wedding after our winter engagement session (1.5 year ago).  These guys are so stunning inside and out and their love shines through the pictures.

How They Met (Bride’s Version)

It was a cold night in the Southside of Pittsburgh when Shauna and I decided to head out for a few drinks at Finn McCool’s. We were just having fun chatting and enjoying each other’s company when a bartender placed two shots in front of us. He informed us they were from the guy at the end of the bar. I looked over and saw AJ (who we knew as the “long haired bartender” at Finn’s.) Of course, myself being the shy person I am, I did not want to take the shot but Shauna insisted that he come over and take the shot with us. And as we like to say… the rest is history.

Our relationship quickly developed into something special. It wasn’t long before AJ had to leave for basic training where we thought our relationship would come to an end. But somehow, it endured the test of time. Our only form of communication was writing letters back and forth. I would write AJ one letter everyday and I remember anxiously waiting for the arrival his letters. It’s funny looking back now because we were dating for only about 3 months when he would say he wanted to marry me and I would laugh it off. Little did I know then, the man I met in a bar in Southside was my knight in shining armor and more than I could have ever asked for.

The Proposal

When AJ came home from his training he actually tried to propose the night he took me ice skating down at PPG. It’s our favorite building in downtown Pittsburgh. I think most people from Pittsburgh would agree with that statement. It was a cold night, so as we were waiting in the long line I was hugging AJ to keep warm. I stuck my hands in his jacket pocket and I felt a ring box. My face must have immediately turned red and I remember being so embaressed and begging him not to propose there. If you know me, you know that I do not like attention nor do I like people looking at me. I am actually quite a shy person and not a fan of the cliche proposal at PPG Ice Skating in the winter. Luckily, AJ did not propose there in front of all those people. So yes… I ruined his proposal. But in the end, it happened a few days later… just the way it should. It was just him and me in his Mustang. He pulled out the ring and asked me… It was perfect. I wouldn’t have had it any other way!

Our Story

Some of you may know “our story” and some of you may not. AJ and I actually united in a civil union on December 28th, 2012. It was prior to moving to Hawaii, where we knew that we would be living together and wanted to do it the “right way.” We knew we wanted to be together forever. My parents were supportive from day one and knew that I would not enter into anything hastily for no reason and he was the one for me. Fast forward two years down the road to December 28th, 2014 and we were united in the Catholic Church as part of my RCIA journey. This will technically be our “third wedding” but it’s the first time that we are getting to celebrate with friends and family. It will be the first time my Dad walks me down the aisle, the first time I put on a wedding dress, the first time we share a first dance, and the first time we get to enjoy it. So, we may have done things a little differently than most… but this is our day. This is the day that we will look back on and remember as our wedding day spent with the people we love. And we are excited to finally get the opportunity to spend it with everyone.

Church: St. Therese
Reception: The Cathedral Room at St. Nicks
Catering: Elegant Accent
Cake: Bella Christies and Sweet Z’s
Uplighting: FineLine Multimedia
My Bouquet & Guys Boutaineer: Lea’s Floral
Bridesmaids Bouquet- Kimberly
Hair- bridesmaid Cassie and  Alyssa Armocida
Makeup- Kate Marshall
DJ- 2nd II None Productions

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