Kara & Gerry’s Hartwood acres engagement

Gerry and Kara always knew or heard of one another but never really met. They grew up five minutes from one another. Their sisters have been best friends for about 17 years. Gerry lived in Florida and Kara lived in Pittsburgh, he moved back about 3.5 years ago and came into a place Kara was working with a mutual friend. They met about 2.5-3 years ago and it was love at first sight. Gerry got Kara’s number that day and they met up and have been together ever since.

“He’s been my best friend and I couldn’t imagine a day without him. He is my balance, my energy and soulmate. Our wedding is at Heinz chapel, a Catholic ceremony. We are both Catholic and have been going to the same church most of our lives and didn’t even know it.”

About upcoming wedding

We are having our wedding reception at Hotel Monaco because of its romantic, modern, eclectic, fun vibe. We both love life, and love to celebrate it. We wanted an atmosphere that screamed Kara and Gerry. We have cocktail hour on the roof top for two hours with The Bachelor Boys Band.  They will also be opening our reception and Dj Petey C will be finishing our reception. Sho films will be our photographer and we each have 8 groomsmen and 8 bridesmaids.  Our rehearsal dinner will be in a private room on the roof top at Hotel Monaco as well. The over all feel we are going for is high energy, lots of laughs and dancing in a romantic atmosphere.

I literally can’t wait until this fabulous wedding!

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