Bonnie & Brian

Church- St John Chrysostom Byzantine Catholic Church
Officiant- Fr. Tom Schaefer
Venue- The Lemont Restaurant
Hair- Amber Baker, Eikon Hair
Makeup- Kyle Thomas, KThom Beauty
Dress- Bridal Beginning; WToo (corset), Martina Liana separates (skirt)
Bridesmaids’ Dresses- Bill Levkoff & Lela Rose
Florist- The Blue Daisy Floral Designs
Violinist- Devin Arrington
Transportation- Antique Coach Excursions
DJ- Jason Lacko
Cake- Mother of the bride
Cookies- Mother, family and friends of the bride
Videographers – Cinebard Films
Here is their story ” As for Brian and I, we actually met in 2009 when I was out with co-workers for a happy hour at Doc’s in Shadyside.  He was home for Easter weekend from Charlotte where he lived at the time. Both of us were at a bar that we never go to and have never really been back to so it had to be some sort of fate working in our favor. Neither of us can remember who approached who or what we even talked about.  Turns out Brian went to prom with one of my close friends so I got some good reviews and kept in touch with him until he ended up moving back to Pittsburgh that summer.  We hung out a few times but neither of us took it too seriously and we actually went our separate ways for 3.5 years and didn’t see each other again.  Fast forward to 2013, both single, embarrassingly enough, we reconnected on Facebook when I liked a post he made knowing full-well it would open the door for communication.  He messaged me right away and we started dating two weeks later.  Not even two months after that, he was already throwing me a surprise 30th birthday party with my family and friends and a week after that we were off on our first vacation together to Charleston for July 4th.  Since then, we have traveled all around from baseball games in Chicago to hikes in Yosemite to snorkeling in the British Virgin Islands.  We were in Punta Cana last Labor Day when he proposed on the beach at night and I so eloquently responded with “thank you”.  We obviously don’t take ourselves too seriously and just have a ton of fun together.  Brian fit right in with my massive family and I think I matched up closely with his passion and love of the black and gold.  Overall, it has just always worked.  It’s easy.
As for the wedding, I could not possibly pick one single moment.  I like to think about all of the little moments from the moment we got engaged throughout all of the planning, the shower, the bachelorette/bachelor trips through to the big day as just one of the best whirlwind times of our lives. I don’t think you can really put into words what it is like to have all of the people you love in one room (and on one dance floor) celebrating with you.  I do love that we shuffled through the kitchen onto the roof of the Lemont and that the flower girls and ring bearers had quote “the best day ever”. Brian will tell you that it was the day that Penn State beat Ohio State at the after party but I just think of it as everything we hoped it could be.  “
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