Laura and Tommy

I truly enjoyed photographing this wonderful couple!  Their love truly shines through every image and I am happy that I had an opportunity to capture candid emotions and beautiful feelings they have for each other.  Read their story and enjoy their beautiful wedding below.

Tommy and I initially got acquainted on My Space…the social network that came before Facebook. One of the first photos that caught his eye was one of me in a bikini, up on a stage at a bodybuilding competition.  I had made it my profile picture as I was very proud of it. I had won First place in the Natural Pittsburgh Bodybuilding competition in 2005. He got to know me as Irish Princess and he was Tommy Gun :). We had casual conversations, maybe a little flirting or complimenting but nothing overt or inappropriate. Comments on pictures back and forth were as far as it went. I never thought I would meet him as he lived in a location I had never heard of before.  There were intermittent times when he or I was dating someone so with respect to those people the conversations were polite but friendly as we shared a common interest of working out and training in the gym. He was very muscled as well! I thought he was cute but as anyone you “meet” online, you never know if their picture was a true representation of them or not. We lost track of each other for a period of time. I was in nursing school- very busy!!  I think he deactivated his account for a time. I wondered what happened as communication had stopped.  He found me on Facebook. He sent me a message. We friended one another again.  Our messages were longer this time. He was funny and I could tell that he had God in his life. This was important to me. I was in a relationship at the time. I knew he wasn’t the one. Tommy said in one of our messages “I thought you’d be married by now”. I told him that I knew I wasn’t going to marry this one. It was just a matter of time.  Apparently this intrigued Tommy.

 Our first meeting in person occurred in 2012.  After one phone conversation I decided I wanted to meet him. We met for dinner and then we went bowling and then a drink.  He brought me a rose and we gave each other a long hug. After dinner, I followed him to the bowling alley in my car. He was cracking up when he saw me pull my bowling bag (that included a bowling ball, shoes, and a towel with my name on it) out of my back seat. We played 3 games. With each strike that one of us got we gave the other a hug. So Great!
After I beat him 3 games he decided to end his bowling misery and take me for a drink. We didn’t want the night to end but it was late. After just one drink we headed to our cars and ended up talking in the parking lot for 2 hours. When I arrived home I text my two best friends and told them that I just met a man that I would likely marry!
 Our engagement occurred unexpected by me the year of my 40th birthday-2014. We were planning a trip to Ocean City, MD for my 40th with my friends. We talked about not getting engaged on this trip because it was just for fun, no stress. The day it happened my best friend asked me when I thought we might get engaged because by this time he and I talked about it everyday. We were living together.  We were SO in love and couldn’t wait to become husband and wife. My parents loved him and my friends loved him. We just needed to make it official.
That evening my girlfriends took me for a drink to celebrate my bday. No dudes. As we walked back toward our hotel slightly after dusk there was a crowd on the boardwalk. There were at LEAST 150 people watching. “What’s going on over there?” we said to one another. “Laura I think it’s Tommy” my best friend said, excitedly!  As I made my way through the crowd to get to the beach I heard one person say “Is that her? Is she the one?”  I WAS THE ONE!!! The dudes had transformed the beach area in front of our hotel. Pink mason jars with white bows that had candles in them in the shape of a heart. Tommy was in the middle of the heart wearing all white and a black fedora, holding a dozen long stemmed roses. The crowd was cheering. I couldn’t stop giggling. I tried to stop but I was so excited!! We hugged and kissed. He whipped his hat off and got down on one knee. The crowd cheered! He said the kindest sweetest words to me and I said yes!!!!!!!! and then for the crowd I screamed “I said YES!”” they cheered again.
 I am a Registered Nurse. I intend on becoming a Nurse Practitioner and Tommy co-owns Pizza Authority- a pizza shop in Buena Vista, PA. We believe that one another have been our greatest earthly gifts. We’re so blessed to have found each other and never take one moment for granted. We look forward to time together doing things we enjoy: Bodybuilding, traveling, watching drag races at the track, bicycling, bowling!! or relaxing at home.
Our honeymoon started in San Francisco, CA. We rented a convertible Camaro SS. From there we traveled to Pacific Grove near Monterey Bay and we ended up in Huntington Beach, CA.
Dress & veil: Exquisite Bride Murrysville, PA
Bridal Jacket: Ebay
Shoes: DSW
Jewelry: Ebay (necklace) and Target (earrings and bracelet)
Engagement Ring: Zoara
Groom’s wedding band and Bridal Wedding band: Etsy
Hair & Nails: DeBlasio’s Designs-Becky Kunkle (Hair) Shelby Smart (nails)
Make up: Tanecia Hodges
Groom, FOB, and Groomsmen tux: Valotta’s Tuxedo Brownsville Road, Pgh, PA:
Bridesmaids dresses: Alfred Angelo
Limo: Vogue Limousine, Jeanette, PA
Church: Church of St Anne, Belle Vernon, PA- Fr Vince
Bridal Party photo location: Willowbrook Golf Course, Belle Vernon, PA
Venue: The Sunset Room, Elizabeth, PA
DJ: Mike Mason
Video: Gil Collie & John Spina
Photographer: The Greatest Ever!! 🙂
Cake: Pastries A-La-Carte
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