Katrina & Cody

Cody and Katrina first met on a snowy day in Waynesburg, Pennsylvania. Katrina was attending Waynesburg University for her Bachelor’s in Nursing and Cody was working for the Waynesburg Borough police department as well as Wade’s Towing. (Un)Fortunately, Katrina accidentally struck a snow covered curb causing a flat tire on her brand new snow tires. Given Katrina’s father was an hour away she called AAA to get help putting on the spare tire. Katrina was standing on the side walk awaiting the tow truck driver to arrive, but to her disbelief the truck drove right past her. The next time he drove by Katrina made sure he didn’t miss her so, she was waving her arms to get his attention. As she looked into the cab of the truck she noticed Cody frantically waving his arms, as to mock her. She thought , “Oh my this is going to be fun”. They talked the whole time as Cody changed her tire. She made him hot chocolate as his “tip”. He even gave her a ride back to the college so she didn’t have to have to walk in the snow. He said “I have your number from AAA but I’ll give you mine if you ever want to go out to dinner.” And so they began their adventures together. From their first date skiing, to Katrina graduating college – Cody, the State Police Academy, purchasing their first home in Butler as well as adopting their four legged child (Rio!!!). It’s now time to move on to the next big adventure, marriage!

The Proposal

February 13, 2014 (the day before Katrina’s birthday) started out like any other day. Cody called Katrina at work and asked if she was on her way home yet? Katrina was still giving report to the oncoming nurse and said she would let him know when she was on her way home. She thought “he must be really hungry; he never calls me”. She even asked if he wanted to meet for dinner but Cody said “just come home and we will figure it out”. Again, odd cause they don’t pass up dinner on the town. Katrina makes her way into the driveway as Cody steps out of the house with Rio. Cody said “I have some thing I’ve been wanting to give you for a long time”. Katrina said, “its cold outside lets go in the house.” He replied “no I want to do it here. ” He handed her a large necklace box. Katrina had absolutely no idea he was about to get on one knee and ask her to marry him. She thought it looked just like a necklace box as an early birthday gift. As she began to open the box with a beautiful diamond in a casing, Cody got down on one knee and asked for her hand in marriage. While all of this was going on Cody had their neighbors, Dana and Lily, up on the second floor of their house snapping pictures. Later in the evening as Cody and Katrina celebrated they made their way to the jewelry store and created the ring together with the diamond Cody proposed with.

Katrina and Cody have been together for almost six years and engaged for three before tying the knot.

Katrina: “I have a hard time picking my favorite moment of the day. Every single moment was everything I ever dreamed of. We put so much time and thought into the day that it was amazing to see our work come to fruition. I was overjoyed and humbled at all of the love and support from our families and friends. If I had to choose one single moment, it would be the first time that I got to see Cody waiting for me at the altar (and the grooms favorite moment was the same). I was ecstatic for him to finally see my dress for the first time. It was hard to keep what the dress looked a secret for a year and a half. I am so excited to see what our future holds for us and to see what our next adventure will be!”

Dress, veil, earrings, purse: Exquisite Bride North: Gibsonia, PA – Kenneth Winston Private Label
Bracelet: Debby Hoffman Bridal– Pittsburgh, PA -Crystal Pearl Bridal Cuff
Garter:  LoveForeverBridal- Etsy- Ivory Rhinestone Custom Garter
Bridal Hair:  Make-up & Hair by Claire -Claire Basescu- Instagram: @makeup.and.hair.by.claire
Bridal Make-upJackie Miller – Instagram @Jackiees13
Bridal Party Make-up:  Make-up & Hair by Claire– Claire Basescu
Bridal Party Hair: Make-up & Hair by Claire– Kendall
Videographer: Kesneck Wedding Videography- Pittsburgh, PA
Ceremony: Saints John & Paul Roman Catholic Church– Sewickely, PA
Venue: The Chadwick– Wexford, PA
Bridal Prep Location: Hyatt Hotel Place Cranberry, Cranberry, PA
Flowers: Bortma’s The Butler Florist- Butler, PA
DJ- All-Star Entertainment– Clay Silvko- Pittsburgh, PA
Bride’s Wedding Rings- Kay’s Jewelry– Cranberry, PA
Groom’s Wedding Ring- Littman Jewelers– Ross Park, PA
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