Marisa & Dave


From Marisa: “I love to tell the story of how we met because it was absolute fate! We both come from Italian families, so looking back, it makes perfect sense that we met at an “Italian Day” party. Flash back to February 2014, where we both decided last minute to go to this “Italian Day” party, which was being hosted by mutual friends of ours from college (we went to different colleges but it just so happened that our mutual friends hosting the party lived together and were cousins). An Italian day party means you drink homemade wine all day, make homemade pasta, and eat everything else Italian you can think of. Fast forward to later in the day where Dave and I end up outside with our friends just hanging out, and introduced ourselves to one another. From that point on, we talked the entire night, exchanged numbers, and went on our first date 6 days later. We have talked to each other every single day since that night, and just about 2 years later he proposed!

Dave proposed the day before Christmas Eve in 2015. I had been wanting to go to Phipps Conservatory to see the lights, so finally we found a free night and went. His friend from college was in town for the holidays, so we decided to meet up with him and his wife at Phipps for a double date night. Little did I know he had planned for them to come for events later in the night, but I had thought nothing of it! We were walking through all the different rooms at Phipps, one more beautiful than the next. We then entered a room with firework lights and water, and I of course was up front, taking a million pictures on my phone, when next thing I know Dave pulls me a little closer, started saying how beautiful everything was, and then is down on one knee proposing! I couldn’t believe it! And he had his friends prepared (at his signal) to take photos and videos of the entire proposal! They captured every moment of it and it was absolutely perfect! ”

  • Make-up: Bongiorno Bella, Phylicia
  • Hair: Alyssa Francesca
  • DJ: mobile mix entertainment- David Kleba
  • Video: Just Hitched Films
  • Ceremony: Duquesne University Chapel
  • Reception: Double Tree Hotel Downtown Pittsburgh