Kelly and Keith

From Keith (Groom):

On a crisp, fall evening  back in 2012, we both had the idea of heading to the annual Avonmore Days  with mutual friends with the intention of grabbing a quick drink at the local Italian Club. Neither one of us knew that was each other’s plan at the time, but thanks to that dive bar our paths crossed. I noticed Kelly and her camoflauge shirt she was wearing and immediately was drawn to her. I could not help but go up and compliment her interest in camo apparel.  A week later, we both went with those same mutual friends to camp.  Once again, our paths crossed. We shot skeet, rode quads, and even squeezed in some hunting.  After shooting a turkey, I began to butcher it in order for us to have for dinner. Kelly walked over to see what I was doing and asked all sorts of questions about the disembodied bird.  She seemed to show some great interest in what most girls would think was plain gross. Not my Kelly, though! As the weekend continued, I knew she was special. I helped her load her first and brand new shotgun and was truly amazed at the amount of clay pigeons she was crushing. After that weekend, we exchanged numbers and multiple text messages and decided to have our first date, where we ate pizza and caught a movie. Everything after that was history. I remember her being there to support me as I coached soccer and I would be there as she attended all her student’s activities, like basketball games, in order to show her support for them.  We really could not get enough of one another. We certainly were a couple who loved adventures and being togeher. From a breath-taking horseback ride through the Teton Mountains to a trip to New York City, we were inseparable and always made sure to make lasting memories. Fast forward to the proposal on a beautiful horseback ride through the trails of the New River Gorge, it was a perfect moment to get down on one knee and surprise her with a promise to be together for life. It was amazing to know how many family and friends we had who were beyond thrilled for the two of us and loved sharing that moment of complete happiness with us too. Lastly, I will never forget this monumental day where we exchanged vows with one another. It was a day neither one of us will ever forget and will certainly cherish in our hearts forever. Despite the stress and anxiety leading up to it, looking back it was all worth it. Every single moment of that day and weekend was complete perfection. We truly could not have been more blessed, even with the weather.  We still tear up thinking about all the special memories that we made with our biggest supporters. We cannot thank our family and friends enough. Along with that, we can’t thank all of the people who helped make this perfect day happen. Knowing that we have these absolutely beautiful photographs of our wedding day will allow us to relive these perfect moments any day we want.

Getting Ready Location (Bridesmaids): Luna’s View at the Mountaintop

Venue: Laurel Hideaway

Videographer: Shofilms

DJ: Modern Era Weddings

Band: East Creek Road (During Appetizers)

Ceremony Music: Greg Lutz (Keyboard), Joshua Roden (Keyboard as Bride Walked Down the Isle), and Grace Zielenski (Violin)

Caterer: Pittsburgh Barbecue Company

Pies: Der Bake Oven

Cookies: Rebecca Simpson (S&S Country Delights), Carla Shaffer, Cindy Francart, Robin Bieranoski, Donna Cable, and Joyce Hodges, Sally Lanzarotti, Sally Painter, and  Karen Jones

Florist: Sandy Nicholette

Hair: Angie Pearce (Roma’s Salon)

Make-Up: Keli Trettel

Dress and Hair Piece: Exquisite Bride

Jewelry and Shoes: Modern Bride