Let it rain

From Kyle “I was at a point in my life where love was the last thing I was looking for. I had just received a new opportunity at work and that was my only focus. Little did I know that opportunity would change my life forever. I was living in Erie PA and had to go to Pittsburgh for this new opportunity and as I sat on 4th floor of the grant building waiting for the day to begin, in walked a dark haired girl who I found stunning. It all started with coffee. I offered to make her a cup and introduced myself. A week later we sat together, talked, took a walk and exchanged numbers. I told her when I come back to Pittsburgh she will have to show me around. Two weeks later I was on my way back to Pittsburgh with plans to meet up with Sam. Neither one of us knew if it was a date but we went to dinner and got ice cream and ended the night with a kiss. A few pizzas and late night glasses of champagne later. We have a beautiful daughter and are engaged to be married. I never saw my life outside of Erie. But life always has a way of working out just as it should. And we are living proof.
Also. Your photo shoot wasn’t the first time we danced in the rain.”