Rebecca & Pat

Ceremony venue:  Heinz Chapel
Reception venue: Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall
DJ: 2nd to None Productions- DJ Nick Stephanovic
Hair: Amanda Herb
Makeup:  Valarie Panei
How they met
Pat and I met through his sister Amanda who has been my hair dresser for close to 10 years. For years Amanda said she wanted to set me up with her brother but the timing was never quite right until October 2015. Amanda gave Pat my number and he texted me that week and we made plans for our first date.  He picked me up and we had plans to go to Bettis Grille on the north shore, but it was the weekend of Pitts homecoming so we got stuck in traffic for a couple hours. He took me over to the North Side to get some frozen ice while we decided what to do next. We finally made it to Bettis Grille and were there for hours talking. Later in the night I decided that we should take a ride on the Incline, it was the longest and best first date ever. We saw each other the next day for pizza and a movie at my house and the rest as they say is history.  I think we both new within the first few dates that this was it and that we had found our perfect person!
Best parts of our wedding day
Becca: I texted Pat as soon as I woke up to wish him a happy wedding day and he text me back immediately, which is unusual for him because it was early in the morning. But he told me he was up because he was so excited to get married. I remember walking down the aisle so quickly because I couldn’t wait to see Pat.
Pat:  My favorite part was our Deacon announcing Mr. and Mrs. Laughlin at the end of the ceremony and having our first kiss as husband and wife.

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