Aaron and Ginger

How we met:
The way a lot of couples find their perfect match these days(via Match.com)
I had a pretty extended wish list of what I was looking for in a guy. I remember him being concerned
about not having red hear on my list. Needless to say redhead is on my list now.
Our first date:
Our first date started out as a Saturday lunch. I remember walking in and thinking, omg, he is so cute!
We talked so much and just never noticed the time flying by. We didn’t want to part so went over to a different place to grab a few drinks . Our date lasted about 9 hours.
I had butterflies with our first kiss. They say when you find the one, you just know it. I think I didn’t sleep for two days because I couldn’t stop thinking about him. We texted and talked every day since the day we met.
Our love story:
Shortly after we met I came down with ear problems, and my skin fell apart from a dermatitis. At New Year’s Eve we were sitting in his living room watching Game of thrones in marathon style. I was kind of def on one ear and my face is literally falling off from this awful rash but I felt completely worry free around him. I knew he was a keeper.
I never had to dress to impress or be pretentious.
We started dating and after going back and forth for 8 months, we decided it would be easier to see each other if we just moved in together. So the search for our house began. I could not believe we were so lucky to find our home in such a short time. It was really a dream come true.
The engagement:
Our 3 years anniversary came around and we decided we were ready for the next step.
Our birthdays are one week apart and we got engaged on my birthday which came first.
We had reservation at Eleven that evening . Could not think of a better birthday present and celebration.
Everything was just perfect.
Our wedding:
We knew we wanted to keep things simple for our nuptials. We actually took the easy way out and just got married
at the Justice of The Peace and planned on having two small dinner celebrations with friends and family. One in Pittsburgh and one in Hungary. Making things easy for everyone.
Our Pittsburgh wedding dinner is taking place this coming Saturday, May 12th. So looking forward to share an amazing dinner with family and friends at The Capital Grill. We had our first Valentines Day dinner here, which was so romantic  and seemed like the right choice for our celebration.
Dress: Monique Lhuillier
Hair: Lyndsay Clark

Makeup by Ginger www.gingerpapp.com

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