Courtney & Tyler

How they met

Tyler and Courtney met at Plum Senior high school. (Yes, high school sweethearts). It was Spring 2010, Courtney was score keeping the baseball game Tyler was playing in. Over the next two years, Tyler & Courtney became closer friends. It wasn’t until January 8, 2012 that they actually started to date. Courtney was at Tyler’s House, when He had his brother Cory run to the store to get her flowers, and put them in Courtney’s car before she left.

The proposal

Over the next 5 years their relationship grew! They bought their first house in 2017, in their hometown. Later that year on Christmas Eve, Tyler proposed to Courtney at his Father’s annual holiday party. It happened so quickly! They were taking a picture by the Christmas Tree when Courtney turned to Tyler and as he got down on one knee. The celebration continued through the evening as family & friends gathered at Courtney’s Mom’s home for annual Christmas Eve dinner. It was one of the best Christmas presents Courtney has received in her life!

The wedding day

Their wedding is set to take place on September 28, 2019 at Bramblewood.

Hair for E session: Danielle Rende

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