Lauren and Antonio

How they met

Antonio and I have been together officially 4 years this month. We also met 5 years ago this month, in 2013. How we met was a bit of a fluke… I was going to the Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z concert in Hershey Park with my best friend. A few days before the trip, my best friend told me that she invited her friend and his brother to come with us, Antonio was the brother. We didn’t initially hit it off at the show to be quite honest, but we continued to hang out in group settings for a few months until he asked me to be his date for his sisters wedding in May of 2014. After the wedding, the rest was history and we were inseparable that Summer and made things official August 31, 2014. We spend majority of our time at Pittsburgh sporting events, love to travel and spend time with our 2 year old Siberian husky, Lola!

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  1. absolutely beautiful..what a grand gesture of love…best wishes..

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