Samantha & Kyle

How they met

Kyle and I met at the end of summer in 2015. He was still living in Erie PA at that time, but was in Pittsburgh for work training. I happened to be in that same training class. Both of us were extremely single and happy being so. We were both focused on work and excelling in our career. Neither one of us even had a though of a relationship at the time. The class we were in was broken up into two week increments, meaning Kyle was coming back to Pittsburgh again after this first training. On the last day of the class he had asked if maybe I would want to grab dinner or something the next time he was here. I said “sure” thinking nothing of it. It was the Monday of Labor Day weekend when we had our first date. Neither of us really knew if it was for sure a date or not. We went to dinner and then decided to get some ice cream. After Ice cream we walked back to his car and he leaned in for a kiss! My response was “wow you really just went for it didn’t you?” after that the rest is history we talked all the time, visited each other every weekend, and he eventually moved down here. We now have a one year old and life couldn’t be more perfect.

The big day

The favorite part of our wedding day was absolutely our first look session. I couldn’t imagine our wedding without it. Being outside the Fairmont hotel just the two of us was incredible. When I tapped on his shoulder and he turned around the look on his face was amazing. It was so wonderful because it really gave us time to just embrace each other and spend some time alone before we said I do. I couldn’t have asked for a better moment with my soon to be and now husband.

Wedding Vendors

Lighting- EF lighting
Florist- The blue daisy
Dj- DC sounds


  1. That’s AMAZING! Beautiful couple, wonderful photos!

  2. This whole series is so good! 😍 I’m in love with brides dress!

  3. The city pictures are the best! What a wonderful wedding!

  4. Your photos is like a trip to a fairy land! Everything’s magic. Love it!

  5. These photos are very elegant! The love captured in these pictures show without a doubt! Congratulations.

  6. You are a very good photographer. You really know how to capture the moment. Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed these wedding pics.

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