Jess and Marc

How we met: Marc and I met over 4 years ago at work. I was newly hired pharmacist working at our store and Marc was in is last year of Pharmacy school working as an intern. I remember him walking into  work on my first day thinking “who is this good looking intern?”  From there, we had a very love hate relationship at work. Think school boy picking on the girl at the playground. Everyone at work thought we had a past since we both went to Duquesne for pharmacy School. Graduation time came for Marc and he got a new job with a different company and off he went. Thank goodness we already had each others numbers and snap chat names. After a month of on and off flirty snaps, we reconnected at his intern graduation dinner. After a night of being attached to the hip, he asked if he could take me out sometime. Since it was a night of partying on the Southside,  I said if you ask me tomorrow ill say yes. The next morning that text came and the rest is history.
How he proposed:
Christmas is one of my favorite holidays and I love ice skating downtown around the tree. I asked Marc so many times last December if we can go. I got a text from our friend Katie during the week before Christmas asking if we were free the coming Sunday to go ice skating. Of course I said yes! I knew it was football draft season so I had to make sure Marc was free and wiling to go. To my surprise he said he would. Finally the Sunday came and we headed downtown. The area around PPG plaza was packed. The line for ice skating felt like a mile long. Our friends Will and Katie met up with us and we decided to just walk around. After a while Katie asked me to go people watch at the ice rink. We headed over there and Katie asks if we can take a picture of her and Will by the tree and she’ll do the same for us. When it was our turn, we took a couple normal ones and when Marc tried pulling me toward him, I had no idea he was about to get on one knee and ask me to be his wife. Luckily our accomplices captured the whole thing. The surprises weren’t over yet and our families had a surprise engagement party at Marc’s parents house that night. It was such a magical night. Our big day is going to be May 16, 2020. We are having out ceremony at the Duquesne University Chapel and our reception at Fox Chapel golf club. We are so excited and cannot wait for our big day!!

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