Saying “I do” twice in 1 day

Wedding Vendors:

Wed coordinator: Shayne Souleret

Wedding Dance: Amanda Wolf

Videographer: John Fuller

Florist: Fragile Paradise/Megan

Mandap: Rana Khal

Horse: Carriage Limo


a love story people will be talking about for years to come

From Tina “Amit and I met at UPMC McKeesport in 2007. I was a nurse in the ICU and he had just started his residency. Unbeknownst you me, Amit claims he had a “crush” on me. He used to come to the ICU to check the schedule to see when I worked next, but he never understood how to read the schedule. In December 2007, Amit and I met up at an ICU Christmas party and shortly after we were “hanging out” a lot until we started dating sometime in May of 2008.  In 2010. Amit. Implored all of his medical training in PA and had to return to Canada because of his Visa restrictions; therefore, we opted to go our separate ways. After all, being from two different countries and two different cultures didn’t seem very promising.  However, neither of us were happy with this decision. Amit returned to the US multiple times in 2011 to visit me until he accepted a position at Altoona hospital in 2012. Again, we reconnected and moved in together in April of 2012. We tried very hard despite our differences and cultural issues to make it work this time, but in April of 2014 we separated again. We saw each other occasionally and still talked now and again…I guess enough that I found out I was pregnant in October 2014. Still we were not together, but Amit, and his family, began to accept me once meeting me after Teegan’s birth and in 2017 we decided to give it another shot. We bought a house in November or 2017 and families were accepting, etc…so here were are today, finally living God’s plan.  I often tease that Amit and I “screwed up” so frequently during our 11 years together that God was like “here have a baby!” Lol But seriously, my motto through all the years has been God gives us what we need when we need it most and his timing has proved to be perfect.


  1. wow, Kristi, these are absolutely gorgeous

  2. This wedding loos amazing: from brides outfit and make up to grooms suite! Beautiful photos!

  3. What a stunning wedding! So many great details and the bride look amazing. You nailed it, girl!

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