Mayra and Chris

Chris and I met almost 5 years ago, during my gap year before starting medical school. I still remember walking onto the rooftop of Steel Cactus for our date and him immediately apologizing for not noticing his polo had been stretched out when he pulled it out of the dryer on his way out. We had a few margaritas and decided to keep the date going and get food. Next thing we knew, it was 2am, and as we prepared to leave, a trash can came rolling down to our table and almost hit me – our first date ended with complimentary shots. We continued dating and building a strong connection over that first year and decided it was worth fighting for as I left to attend medical school out-of-state. We lived apart for the better part of the last four years, but our relationship remained strong and quarantine only brought us even closer together.

The Proposal: We had made a reservation in early December at Miracle, a Christmas pop-up bar we like to go to every year. Chris casually suggested we should go check out the Christmas tree at the Point before our dinner. We walked down to the tree but stayed back in the shadows after noticing how crowded it was. As I looked at the tree, he turned me around saying he should have done this a long time ago. He went down on one knee and asked me to marry him, to which I replied, “I can’t see the ring but of course, yes!”. We celebrated for a few moments before we hurried off to a better lit area where I could admire the ring. He told me how he had been working on designing it for the past few months and had handpicked the center stone. He had originally planned to propose a week later but did not think he could wait that long after having picked up the ring the previous day.

We are so excited and looking forward to getting married in my native country of Peru in April 2022, on an island in a lagoon!

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