Leo and Dani



(Loosely inspired by the old couples’ interviews in When Harry met Sally, 1989)


D: “We met at Kate and Dima’s housewarming party.”


L: “Kate is my coworker. And Sveta is Dani’s coworker. Kate and Sveta have been long time friends. Kate invited Sveta to her party and Sveta asked Dani to travel with her from Pittsburgh to Maryland for the party.”


D: “So, at the party, we were playing Dima’s Virtual Reality and when I removed the helmet an overly smiling Leo grabbed me from my shoulders to tell me “You won!”. I remember I thought that he possibly didn’t get that wasn’t a game you can win or lose… But he meant something else…” 🙂


L: “Dani got so involved with the Virtual Reality game, it was so involving and entertaining to watch her. I’ve never seen so many emotions all together, a full bouquet of emotion in just 10 minutes, I was awestruck!”


D: “This Siberian man clearly never met an Italian before” 😉


L: “Nope, I didn’t, she was the first.”


D: “After that party, we met again with other friends in Virginia and finally few weeks later Leo invited himself to Pittsburgh to invite me out for dinner.”


L: “It was exactly two years ago. We got married on the anniversary of our first date.”


D: “And everything was just as magical and romantic and mellow as it was on that day two years ago.”

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