Come fly with me

We met working at a restaurant in downtown Pittsburgh and we instantly connected. It was something pretty close to love at first sight for both of us and our coworkers joked that the chemistry was “palpable”. I (Kyla) was in another relationship at the time, so James and I just became good friends. I think that really allowed us to get to know each other before jumping right in. When my relationship didn’t work out, we began hanging out just the two of us. We were both students at Pitt and enjoyed active, busy lifestyles. We shared a love for adventure and spent that first summer running, kayaking, and spending time in the sun. On our first official date on August 12, 2015 we went skydiving (something that we both had always wanted to do). In the plane right before we jumped, James asked me to be his girlfriend. Since then we’ve graduated, gotten jobs, moved to Tennessee, traveled around the world, and are more crazy about each other than ever. Last year on our five year dating anniversary (August 12, 2020) James proposed on Sunset Rock in Chattanooga. Next year on August 12, 2022, in the same city where it all started, we’ll tie the knot forever.

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