Hi, so glad you are here! I am a professional wedding photographer, based in Pittsburgh PA.  I’ve been married to my best friend for the last 13 years and we have two crazy boys! In my free time, you will either find me cuddling with my kiddos, traveling, adventuring outdoors every chance I get or taking couples’ dance classes. My love for artistic images has its roots in my background, however I didn’t discover my love for photography until later in life, while  I was studying for my graduate degree. I feel blessed that it happened that way; I had a solid training in art even before I ventured into the photography business. For the next several years I was climbing the corporate ladder, still not planning to become a wedding photographer until it completely stole my heart (and time!). In my mind, it happened that way because it was truly meant to be.

I had incredible art teachers and I could honestly say – I wouldn’t ever be on the same level where I am right now without the strong foundation and diverse art background they gave me. Having gone through classical art training, helped me tremendously in developing a strong control of composition and lighting.  I believe that gave me an edge in wedding photography and eventually, after a year of following trends, it helped me to develop my own cinematic style and for that I’m forever grateful.

My style has been built up throughout 11 years; originally I was inspired by the aesthetic of fine art style. My European background and classical art school shaped me as an artist who was highly inspired by the elegance and fashion. Soon after, I realized that I wanted to photograph not that those moments looked like, but what they FELT like, while still not losing that sophisticated approach.  Spontaneous movements, joy, goosebumps, the tears shed as intimate vows are spilled. In simple terms, my clients often say that they love the polished, glamorous look of the gallery they received, but it also truly captures their essence and how much they love to laugh.  They say photographs are the only tangible memories after a wedding, and this is why I want to document how YOUR love looks like! That means no awkward poses or heavy edit that would date with time. Those photos eventually become your legacy, the time capsule of those moments in time. 
One of the most important aspects to me was to create a product that would stand the test of time.
Trends change and it's essential for me that the wedding photos will look timeless. My style fully developed after 6-7 years when I stopped following the trends and was able to create my own unique cinematic style. 
DREAM CLIENT: I'm so happy to say that I'm already working for my dream client: smart, easy-going bride with high aesthetic sense and impeccable taste. Most of my brides have either passion for art, home decor, fashion and etc or "cherry-picking" the best of the best vendors for their Big Day. I feel blessed that not only I have brides who share my vision, but they also become long-term friends.  I meet so many inspiring ladies and I often find myself at the weddings with multiple couples I photographed in the past. Besides weddings, you will see quite a bit of maternity and family sessions on my blog and most of them are my couples.  It's so humbling to be invited into your life to document the most important day, as well as to become your family photographer for years to come.

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