We are proudly offering wedding video coverage for the clients who book photo coverage with us.  

“How many times is too much to watch this!? haha This video is AMAZING!!! OMG, you guys are the best! I love the artistic take on this – it truly feels like a movie trailer. All the times the images change up when the beat drops (like when my head tilts back in the one video and with our rings – also Justin drinking the white claw and the party bus bumping! – so cool how it all goes along with the music! Love the song! And even when the song mentions hands and there is the video of Justin rubbing his hands together!) – seriously so talented! We are so thankful to have worked with you both for this incredibly important day in our lives!”

Carolyn & Justin 


“From the moment I received notification of our video being finished, I watched it at least four times. Each time I couldn’t help but cry. It was breathtaking. The moments captured and the beautiful words caught and shared were such a surprise. It is something we will treasure for the rest of our lives. Aside from the extraordinary outcome of the video, Olga was amazing to work with. Kristi and Olga were an amazing team and made it so very fun. Olga was able to get my husband talking without him even realizing she was recording, which made for amazing audio 🥲. We adored working with this amazing team and, when given the opportunity, we will not hesitate to work with them again! The best team in Pittsburgh… no questions asked. These artists set the bar and we are honored to have had the pleasure of working with them. Thank you for making our memories tangible. Now, they shall never fade.”

Alicia and Steve

We have been working together over the last few years, which makes the flow of any wedding we do perfect! Our style, posing and working with the light are very alike.  We believe it saves a lot of time during the wedding day, as we often shoot over each other shoulder and don’t have to request additional time for video coverage .

The style of each video is discussed with each client. You can see many traditional videos here as well as cinematic ones that reminds you of a movie trailer. We believe every couple is unique and are offering personable approach to each of our client.  Prior to the wedding we discuss the “must have” moments, music and vows/speeches we will be using in your film. 

We have several packages to offer, ranging from 8min film to 3min and 1min teaser.  We are highlighting a few examples of our work here with the different length.  Please do not hesitate to ask to view a full wedding video from any weddings you see here. 

We also offer engagement and anniversary videos for our couples.  



“Oh my gosh…this is an absolute MASTERPIECE!!! You guys did AMAZING, this is truly magic!!! Chase and I, along with our families and friends, have watched it like 10 times each already. We absolutely love it so much, it encapsulated the day absolutely perfect!! I can’t express into words how much this video means to us…you truly captured our love and memories perfectly. I love the music, how it flows, everything! It feels like we are reliving the day through that video…it is so so special. We will watch that video for the rest of our lives and show our children to come! Thank you for creating such a beautiful work of art, we are forever grateful!! I am so honored to have worked with you and we are so thankful.”

Carly & Chase