Marisa and Jake


From Jake “Marisa and I have been dating for over 5 years now. We met through mutual friends while we were in college. Although we went to different schools and were a couple hours away from each other,  we became very good friends and talked everyday.  After a year of building a strong friendship, we finally went on our first date when were both home from school in the summer. We have been inseparable ever since! When I finished school and started working in Pittsburgh, Marisa had one more year left at Penn State. Despite the distance, we would see each other almost every weekend as I would either drive up to see her or Marisa would hop on the MegaBus and make the journey back home.  It never felt like work because it was always worth is to us.  The longest part of the trip was the ride back home knowing that it would be another 5+ days before we saw each other. We have definitely brought out the best in each other.   We try new things together, go on adventures together, and get involved with each others interests. I had never planned on being involved with all of Marisa’s crafts but she has brought out the creative side in me and now she catches me watching home renovation shows! (I love that Chip and Joanna)  Our favorite activity is going to country concerts – we love being able to enjoy beautiful summer nights together and with friends singing our favorite songs.  We love it so much we have traveled to Nashville multiple times to see some of our favorite country artists – and we plan on traveling to many more places in the near future.  We are so excited for October 7th and can’t wait to be united in marriage and start living out the hopes and dreams we had thought about during so many long rides to see each other over the years!!”


From Marisa “My some of my favorite memories of the wedding day were getting pampered in the morning with my friends, seeing Jake for the first time at the end of the aisle, saying our vows & exchanging rings, and the father/daughter dance with my dad. (And getting to take my heels off at the end of the night!).  Jake’s were seeing me walk down the aisle, saying our vows to each other, and getting tossed in the air by his friends on the dance floor.”


The Club at Nevillewood
Wedding Planner
Jill Pampena (Mosaic)
Videographer Jeffery Smee
Mocha Rose, April Mason
Mosaic, Susie Perelman
Briana Marusko
Bethany Sinclair
“Bad Wolf Studio”
E.F. Lighting- Michael Ditch
Chair Rental
Elegant Chair Cover Rentals- Donna
Moio’s Bakery- Tony Moio
Wedding Dress
“Lorelei Gown” by Hayley Paige
The Vow Boutique
Exquisite Bride, Murrysville
Plum Pretty Sugar


  1. Oh her dress. Very beautiful. I love all of the pictures. You are very talented.

  2. Love this beautiful wedding! Love how you showed the parent-daughter relationships, so beautiful!

  3. very beautiful !!! the bride looks amazing

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