Archita and Tanay

How they met
Tanay and Archita met in school while doing their graduate studies in Houston. They have been best friends for 6 years. “We are very lucky to be marrying our best friend. ” They say.
The wedding
“Our wedding is a huge 5 day celebration in Mumbai, India. A big fat Indian wedding 🙂
We are completely opposites in nature and still so similar in our beliefs. It is true when you meet your soulmate, you find someone who just gets you. “
I always get inspired by amazing photographers all around the world. One of them is my Ramina Magid from LA. Please check out her stunning work


  1. Superb. Congratulations. Very nice photography. You both look like made for each other. Best wishes to both of you

  2. Gorgeous engagement session, beautifully captured

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