Kaitlyn and Andrew

how they met

Kaitlyn and Andrew met as friends while they were sophomores at the University of Pittsburgh. Andy first saw Kaitlyn when she was campaigning for a position for their residence hall and Kaitlyn first saw Andy when he offered pizza to Kaitlyn and her friends while on a campus shuttle. The girls repaid Andy for the pizza by letting him watch “Just Friends”, the movie, in their residence hall lounge. Kaitlyn always thought foundly of Andy, and she even gave Andy advice on girls from time to time.

They remained friendly throughout college, but when Andy asked Kaitlyn to go to dinner while she was in graduate school, she knew he may be interested in being more than “just friends”. After hitting it off at dinner and subsequent dates and activities with each of their groups of friends, they began to officially date.

The proposal

After graduate school graduation, Kaitlyn moved to Washington, D.C. for a job and Andy soon followed her to the area after getting his dream job at a startup technology company. Kait and Andy lived in the area for 2 years and then started to make their transition back to the Pittsburgh area to be closer to their families in 2017. Over the past 4 years, Kait and Andy have been through life’s highs and lows with each other including family deaths, births, and milestones in between. The two have a lot in common including valuing family and friends. Their recent achievements include purchasing a home and adopting lovely pets to join Kaitlyn’s cat from college including a dog, Millie (pictured), and 4 chickens. Their favorite activities include seeing live music, visiting wineries, and taking trips to new cities.

the wedding

The couple will be married in April 2019 at Heinz Chapel, followed by a reception at the Grand Hall at the Priory. They are looking forward to celebrating with friends and family and continuing to navigate through life together.


  1. Gorgeous engagement session, they so on love and u captured it perfectly

  2. So much happiness!!! Love it how you photographed the dynamics of this couple!!

  3. What a beautiful couple! Can’t wait to see their wedding pictures!

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