Kyle and Jamie


(As told by Jaimie) Our story began in the Summer of 2016.   I was teaching summer school, and Kyle was working an unusual evening shift at his job.  Due to our work schedules, we were both working out early in the morning at LA Fitness.  One morning, we were working out on machines right next to each other and started talking. I told him funny stories about my job, and he told me about his upcoming trip to Chicago.   I really enjoyed our fifteen minute conversation, and hoped I would see him again.  Fast forward a week later, we spotted each other at the gym once again.  We picked up where we left off and had another nice conversation.  Kyle asked for my phone number, and we met up the following weekend.  I was out with friends, and invited him to come along.  We went to Mario’s and Bar 11 in the South Side, and had an amazing time!  Bar 11 is certainly an interesting place.  I specifically remember that they had a foam machine that evening, and a huge glob of foam fell into his beer.  The following week, we went on our first official date to The Library Restaurant.  Our date lasted six or seven hours, and to this day, we both agree it was the best date we had ever been on.  We had so much to talk about.  It may sound cheesy, but we did not want the night to end.  Since the day we met, we have been inseparable!


Kyle had planned to take me back to The Library, but it was closed on the day we got engaged.  Instead, we had lunch at Nakama, and then went for a walk along the Monongahela River.  We took this same walk the day Kyle asked me to be his girlfriend.   I had a feeling on what was going to happen!  We were both so nervous (and excited), we both had to stop at the hotel that was along the path to use the bathroom!  Once we reached a series of benches along the walk, Kyle got down on one knee and proposed!  He wanted to relive some of our “firsts” together.  After our walk, he took me to the place where we first said, “I love you.” We were both so happy, and I could not wait to tell everyone the exciting news.  I still cannot believe how perfect that day was.


Our engagement session took place in North Park.  We really enjoyed working with Kristi!  She is very talented and made us feel extremely comfortable.  Our wedding is next spring at Phipps Conservatory.  We cannot wait!

Beautiful dress by AW Bridal


  1. Jaimie you look beautiful! Kyle looks great. Only one picture of Bear? I thought he’d be in every picture.

  2. Beautiful story, and even more BEAUTIFUL pictures. 😱 Congrats!!!

  3. Congratulations Kyle, we may have never really got to know each other but I’ve always hear or kept up with you through Jared, Proud of all you’ve done in life and hope the 2 of you can continue to create such beautiful stories.

  4. Loved reading your love story — beautiful couple, dress & scenery + talented photographer = priceless photos. Looking forward to sharing your special day with you! 143!

  5. You both are a beautiful couple. Keep God in your life and all good things will happen.

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