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Stephanie & Tanner

How They Met

While there isn’t much to their “How We Met” story, Stephanie and Tanner’s lives together since finallydeciding to be together has been is nothing short of magical.


They’ve actually known each other since Junior High. Having mutual friends and exchanging pleasantries with one another was as far as it went. Stephanie and Tanner were assigned to a year-long group project their senior year of high school that had them spending a lot of time together. They ended up becoming great friends it didn’t take long to realize that feelings had grown between the two.


However, Stephanie fought them off as she was getting ready to go away for college and Tanner was just starting his career. She didn’t want a relationship at all, let alone a long distance one. She pushed it away as best as she could but Tanner was persistent and never gave up on his feelings for her. He spent countless hours driving to see her on the weekends (even when she told him not to, but secretly loved that he never listened), trying to hold her hand and making her laugh.  It wasn’t until about 6 months later when they had their first kiss (they still can’t seem to come to an agreement on who initiated it) that Stephanie finally gave into his efforts. They haven’t looked back since.


The Proposal and Wedding

Almost 5 years later, Tanner managed to pull off the surprise proposal of a dream. He arranged for a limousine to pick her up and bring her to a park where he was waiting in the middle of a lit up gazebo with their families watching from the distance.

Stephanie and Tanner will get married on December 21, 2019 in an elegant, modern, tucan-like venue just outside of Pittsburgh.


I absolutely loved shooting those guys and can’t wait until their BIG DAY this December


  1. What a stunning couple! Great E-session! Can’t wait to see their wedding photos!

  2. What a gorgeous session, love how you made two parts in the cherry blossom and then in a get away nature.

  3. I love ebry single shot of this session! Kristi, you are so talented!

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