Heather & Shawn

How We Met:

Shawn and I met through a set up from a mutual friend. We had both lived elsewhere for years. I had been in Hershey and Pittsburgh for about 10 years. He had been in grad school and then worked in Connecticut for years. We had both happened to move home the same year, 2017, to be closer to family. I remember talking with one of my coworkers, complaining about how difficult the dating world can be. She happened to remember one of her friends she went to school with had moved back home. She thought we would really hit it off. She reached out to him and him to me. We finally met up and connected instantly. Shawn is very outgoing and I’m more reserved and quiet so opposites attracted. He definitely brings me out of my shell and I think that I tame him a little. Relationships are never perfect but I couldn’t imagine a person more perfect for me. We have been together now for almost 2 years and couldn’t imagine life without each other.


The Proposal:

Shawn did a surprise proposal this past Memorial Day weekend. He said he knew he wanted to surprise me and also make our families a part of it. We are both very close with our families. He picked the weekend we were part of a charity run event. This charity is very special to me as it raises research money for a cure for the cancer my niece happened to pass from. He knows how much we all miss her and wanted to make her part of our engagement. He and my family, not so easily, got me to one of my favorite wineries after the race. Then, while thinking I was showing everyone around on the patio, he dropped to one knee and popped the question. I was completely surprised. Little did I know he wasn’t finished. Once home from our crazy weekend, I walked into the house to see both of our families and friends waiting for us for a cookout and campfire. It was a weekend we’ll never forget!



  1. Beautiful couple, I hope they didn’t freeze their “fizulies” (as my daughter would say)! And that light is to die for ! Stunning session!

  2. Beautiful session! Love the light! Awesome emotions!

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