Caitlyn, Robert and infinity

How they met:

We both actually went to the same high school (graduated a year apart) but we like to clarify that we were NOT high school sweethearts – we had our fair share of first dates before finding each other.
In 2016 we were both living in Shadyside and ran into each other at Shady Grove one Sunday, where we were watching the Steelers game with friends. Bob asked me to dinner that night but for whatever reason, I was hesistant initially! In the weeks that followed, we started spending more time together with our friends, including an unforgettable weekend at Penn State (where ironically, we both also went to college). It was after that weekend that I couldn’t deny the connection any longer, so a few days later we had our first date at Bakersfield. I remember how easily the conversation flowed – we shut the place down!
And as they say – the rest is history! Our relationship that followed was just as easy as that first date. We never had to question how we felt about one another, what we wanted in life, what was important to us (family, family, family). There was (is!) such a deep sense of trust, security, respect and mutual admiration that neither of us had really felt previously.

The proposal:

We got engaged on October 27, 2018 in one of our favorite places, Frick Park.
We initially had our sights set on a June 2020 wedding,  but, as we all know, the world had different plans. As we were working through postponing and replanning, Bob’s dad experienced a health scare that ultimately put things into perspective, in terms of what really mattered to us with our wedding. At the end of the day, we wanted to experience this milestone with our families above all else – and we wanted to ensure they would feel feel safe and comfortable celebrating alongside us.

The Big Day

So, on September 18, 2020, we exchanged vows at St. Paul Cathedral in front of 51 people, and later continued the celebration in our backyard with 37 of those guests.
We worked with the most amazing vendors to make the day happen, not to mention so many wonderful friends and family members who selflessly lent their time, money and talents. From making decorations, setting tables, to an impromptu videographer, to bar tending and helping with clean-up, we could not possibly have been surrounded by more love and support.
Our wedding day only further solidified what we already knew: Together we can overcome any obstacle, and our families’ will love and support us – unwaveringly – through anything.
It was also a welcome reminder that despite the bad rap that 2020 is getting, fairytales are still possible. 🙂

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