Allison and Paul


We first met at work in 2015.  After several years of friendship, happy hours and outings, we realized the connection was much deeper than coworkers.  We decided to take the relationship to the next level and never looked back.  There is something to be said about growing into love with someone over time, often without knowing it, that has strengthened our connection as you see in these photos.


Planning a proposal during COVID is a bit odd.  You can’t travel, your ideal restaurant isn’t open, you aren’t allowed to be anywhere with a crowd.   That being said, I wouldn’t change anything about how it unfolded.  We got engaged at Allison’s family cottage near Erie, PA under the stars around a campfire with some good music playing that had meaning to both of us.  The isolation allowed us to focus on each other in the moment and be ourselves when the excitement hit of what was to come.

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