To the moon

The BEST day of our lives, At Last.

Justin and I had been waiting for what felt like forever! COVID delayed our big day a whole extra year, but it was SO worth the wait! The morning of November 20th, the sun was shining and everything was falling perfectly into place! It was finally here, and our emotions were intense – feelings we both wish we could bottle up and save for later (thankful for the images captured!) The final outcome of the day would make us husband and wife – titles we couldn’t wait to share with one another.

My bridesmaids, mom and I glammed up at the Renaissance Pittsburgh hotel – on a floor far away from Justin and his groomsmen – as the ‘first look’ would take place down the aisle. We texted that morning and couldn’t wait to finally see one another on our very own Masters, our Olympics, our Christmas morning! – the day we anxiously waited for and planned for what felt like forever!  The views of the city from our hotel set the stage for a perfect day and I feel so lucky to have shared those morning hours with my favorite girls! The ceremony took place at St. Mary’s in Sharpsburg, PA – the 105 year old church which also witnessed my grandmother and grandfather’s wedding in 1956 and this history was important to us.  Emmanuel (by Chris Botti) played by live trumpet, piano and violin as I walked down the aisle.  Holding onto my dad in this moment will forever be one of my favorite memories.  Not every girl is lucky enough to have a father like mine! It was my favorite walk. I focused my gaze on Justin as I made my way down the aisle and he swears the rest of the church disappeared as I headed towards him.

We danced the night away at PPG Wintergarden surrounded by the people we love most in this world and every detail was pure perfection.

At last, our love has come along and here we are in heaven – for forever is ours At Last.

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