Opera Story


I met Aaron our senior year of college (Penn State). We were just friends, but some would say they noticed an instant connection that we never recognized. I was always drawn to his upbeat energy-his patience, kindness, and his natural ability to bring everyone that we loved (both family & friends) together. I moved around the country after college (first to Colorado, then to Minnesota, and then back to Pittsburgh where we reconnected). I moved to Arkansas and we dated long distance in 2018, and then he followed me to Michigan in 2019, where we live now.


When I moved back to Pittsburgh for a brief stint in 2017, it felt like fate brought us together. He asked me out to a casual dinner (cafe fifth) and a Pens game. I was hesitant (and oblivious, because I just assumed my “friend” had no one to go with)…little did I know that wasn’t the case at all. Following that night, we started to spend more time together, and our friendship blossomed into a romance..When I got a call to move to Arkansas for work, it was a difficult decision, but we both knew it would significantly further my career. There was no doubt in my mind that I would end up with him one way or another. He couldn’t relocate at the time, so we took a year (apart, but still together) to focus on our careers. We made the effort to often visit one another, and it only made us stronger (I guess it’s true when they say, distance makes the heart grow fonder). 
Anyway..after the long distance, I moved to Michigan and he was able to relocate with me. The rest was history… 

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