Marlee and Matt

How they met

Maree and Matt first met through a mutual friend who worked with Matt and grew up with Marlee. Marlee had just taken a break from a long term relationship and decided to go out with two of her friends. They were going over to their friend Matt’s house. Marlee stepped foot in the dingy Southside apartment, but was pleasantly surprised to meet Matt and his friend.  They had a great night and at the end of the night Matt had had a few too many “soda pops” as he likes to say, but still tried to ask for Marlee’s number. She kindly declined and left. On the walk out, she found a St. Patrick’s Day rubber duck that she randomly decided to pick up (her parents run a big duck race). She decided to keep it for some reason knowing deep down that that night was special.


Marlee and Matt ran into each other a few more times and Matt kept asking their mutual friend to invite Marlee out. They decided to all meet up again at a daytime Pirates game. They tailgated and decided to never actually go into the game, but instead toured around the city bars.  That day Marlee invited the crew, Matt included, to her house in South Jersey. When Matt showed up for “beach week” (as they now call it as it has become a tradition) he and his friend had already started the fun. Marlee’s mom jokingly said that there is only one rule and it is to not fall off the sea wall. Needless to say, Matt proceeded to fall off the sea wall his first night.  Marlee tended to his bloody knee and Matt took it as progress. He chased Marlee and asked her why she wouldn’t allow herself to give him a chance. She wasn’t ready for another relationship, but knew there was something more with Matt. After Matt left, Marlee was surprised by how much her mom supported the relationship. Marlee’s cousin also wondered why Marlee wasn’t giving this great guy a chance.  Marlee’s mom often said she would watch Marlee when she received texts from Matt and knew he was special! After Marlee came back from her summer at the shore, Matt continued to pursue her and she was much more open to it after time and the encouragement from her family. They began dating in the fall of 2013 and Marlee is forever grateful for Matt’s persistence and love. She still has the rubber duck and later found out that Matt’s birthday is St. Patrick’s Day.

The proposal

Five summers later Matt took Marlee on a walk to the beach, a place that has always been special to them and a big part of their relationship.  They paused overlooking the sand and ocean and Matt asked Marlee to marry him. When they walked back to Marlee’s house, they were greeted by family and friends (and champagne!) to celebrate. After making excited phone calls and texts, they went to see one of their favorite bands and celebrated the night away!

The wedding day

Marlee and Matt’s November wedding will be a night filled with fun, family, and friends. They are looking forward to a fabulous night of celebrating. Their wedding, with some non traditional elements, will represent their personal style and love!


  1. A wonderful Romantic Story! It is incredible photo work Of super talented Kristi Telnov!!

  2. Another beautiful city session! I love how emotional they are! Great job as always!

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