Upcoming photography classes and workshops



For photographers

Below you can find a short story about how and why I started in photography as well as the information about my upcoming classes and mentoring opportunities if you are interested in learning from me.

ONE-ON-ONE MENTORING (beginner level)

Perfect for those who loves photography and want to learn the basics. We cover topics such as basic camera operations, exposure, working in manual mode, composition, lenses, easy tips for better photos and etc.
$250/hour via Skype/Facetime

ONE-ON-ONE MENTORING (intermediate and advance level)

Perfect for those who already has a portfolio and doing photography as a serious hobby/part-time or full time job.
$550/hour via Skype/Facetime

PORTFOLIO REVIEW (advance /intermediate photographers)

1 hour of portfolio review (website, IG, blog)
$300 via Skype

Photography boot camp

I teach 3 weeks class during Winter months every year advanced/intermediate level.  Those are 3 times a week classes via Skype/Facetime as most of the students are not local photographers. There are 6 students in each class and the class is formed based on the students' level and focus.  
The focus of these classes is to transform your photography and bring you to the next level in your career. What we focus on:
- Lighting: backlight, harsh light, artificial and natural light, night shooting
- Style
- Posing
- Cinematic approach to weddings  
- Emotions
- Artistic component in weddings and lifestyle photography
- Branding
- Social media, website review
- Working with difficult clients
- Shooting for an album
- Porfolio review
- 6 homeworks with reviews
- Packages' structure
- 1 months of education support after classes
For more detailed information about the classes - please send me an email.  I proudly display the work of some of my past students in my IG highlights. 

Background/how it all began

Back in 2010 my husband got me my first camera for my birthday. Brand new Nikon D90 and 2 lenses: Nikon 50 mm and Tamron 17-50 mm.  Being surrounded by beautiful friends, I had my hands dirty right away.

This is my very first photo shoots back from 2010:


First E-shoots:


I was really drawn to beauty and high fashion photography as an art form. I had a little bit of modeling experience, which helped me in posing people tremendously! It’s funny how sometimes things happen in our life for a reason we don’t know yet. I wasn’t really good at modeling, but enjoyed being a part of this art process for a few years. Once I picked up the camera and could be in control of the process myself – I got 10X more out of it!


Image Credit: http://www.ashleegrayretouch.com/

Next half a year I was learning lighting… reading, attending workshops, enrolling in wedding photography schools, experimenting. It was during my 2nd year of my MBA program at Pitt.  Right after graduation, I got a position in finance, but continue to learn photography for another 3 years until I completely switched. Needless to say, I have never planned to be a professional photographer, but got carried away once I started discovering the craft and experimenting with what I can create.



Everything happened fast: from May 2010 until December 2010 I’ve worked with so many amazing make-up artists, hair stylists, models, got published in some fashion and fitness magazines.

1st Fitness Ad:


1st Shoot for a fashion magazine:


By January 2011 I started getting inquires for weddings and portrait work. I was able to find a few shots from my very first 3 weddings!




I fell in love with shooting weddings. Candid moments, family bonding, emotions and connection between couples – all of those things were lacking in fashion/beauty photography for me and I was able to find them in wedding world, meanwhile incorporating a little bit of beauty and fashion flair into my wedding photography style.













I was trying to define my style. I was drawn to raw emotions and candid moments. That was one of the main reasons I loved weddings. On the other hand, I really enjoyed creating artistic pictures. I could even get cool international awards for 2 different styles from the same wedding! Am I an artist or documentary photographer? I am still torn between those 2 styles and often let my couples lead me on what direction they prefer me to focus on.