Jaime and Kyle


Ceremony: Phipps Conservatory https://www.phipps.conservatory.org/

Reception: Hofbrauhaus Pittsburgh

Band: Haus Band Trio

Photo Booth: Ham and Cheese Photos

Dress: Hailey Paige, Bridal Beginning https://www.bridalbeginning.com/

Hair: Angie from Stonewater Salon

Makeup: Jaime from Stonewater Salon

Videographers: Dorosh Documentaries https://www.doroshdocumentaries.com/


Kyle and I met at LA Fitness in the Southside in July of 2016.  We are both passionate about exercising daily, but I had no idea that I would meet my future husband at the gym.  I remember the morning we met quite vividly.  I was teaching summer school in the afternoon, and Kyle was working an unusual evening shift with US Steel.  We happened to be on machines that were right next to each other, and Kyle sparked up a conversation.  Although, he will tell you that I waved and smiled at him first.  Our initial conversation was unusual because it wasn’t brief.  He didn’t ask me to spot him, and I didn’t ask him if he was still using the particular machine he was on.  Instead, we talked for fifteen minutes about our careers, my dog, his upcoming trip to Chicago, and more.  I really enjoyed our conversation, and I secretly hoped I would see him again.  Fast forward a week later.  We spotted each other at the gym once again.  I am not going to lie, he had the biggest smile on his face when he spotted me. Although some time had passed, our conversation picked up right where it left off.  He (finally) asked for my phone number.  After talking daily, I invited him to join my friends and I at Mario’s in the Southside.  We also went to Bar 11, and had an amazing time! The following week, we went on our first official date at The Library Restaurant.  Our date lasted six or seven hours, and to this day, we both agree it was the best date we had ever been on.  We had so much to talk about.  It may sound cheesy, but we did not want the night to end.  Since the day we met, we have been inseparable!


  1. Just WOW! every single shot is perfection! Great gallery!

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