Morgan and Flynn

how they met

Our first meeting came in High School, although it was very brief as we attended separate high schools and only knew of each other through a mutual friend. Little did we know, 11 years later we would recognize one another on a dating app. Upon meeting through the app, we decided to go on a first date at the Omni William Penn and then walk over to a Pirates game. It was a little unorthodox as we attended the game with Flynn’s parents but looking back we couldn’t think of it any other way! From that moment on we spent every weekend together, which wasn’t always easy since I lived in Pittsburgh and Flynn lived in Charleston, WV at the time. Nevertheless, we made it work as it was always beyond worthwhile to be together. After meeting for that first Pirates game in April, we moved in together by September as Flynn had put in for a job transfer in order to move to downtown Pittsburgh with me.

The proposal

Flynn proposed just shy of our 1 year anniversary at the Omni William Penn right before we headed to a Pirates game with his parents, just the same as our first date! It was truly perfect! He thought of everything! His sister was hiding to capture the moment and he also asked the hotel concierge to film the whole thing. Afterwards I could not get a hold of my family to tell them the good news and it was driving me crazy!. Little did I know, once we arrived at our seats I saw a huge banner and my Dad, Mom, Sister, and Brother-in-law standing there as they had all flown in to celebrate us for the weekend. I still get choked up when I think about how lucky we are to have such incredible families who are there for us in these moments. Flynn knows me to my core and I am so lucky to have found the love of my life. He planned the most perfect engagement!

the wedding day

We are getting married in an intimate ceremony on Lake Garda in Northern Italy in September. We cannot wait!! It will be our first time there. We rented a Villa right on the lake for our families and us to stay in. It is going to be the most incredible trip of our lives as this is the trip we get to say “I Do!” We cannot wait to celebrate with all of our extended family and friends before and after we return. We are beyond blessed in this life to have, not only an incredible group of family and friends, but also one another.


  1. Aw, these beautiful couple and magical backlight!

  2. Well , absolutely perfect lighting and couple ! Amazing work !

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