Breanna & Max

How they met

From Breanna “We met my freshman year of college/ his junior year the very first week before classes started. My friend made me go with her to a party that happened to be at Max’s house. I didn’t want to go but she wanted me to come so I could meet people as I am from Pittsburgh and we went to college in Charlotte, NC. I remember when max walked down the stairs, my heart instantly jumped. We sat and talked for hours getting to know each other. Long story short, he was in a relationship so we stayed really really close friends. And when he wasn’t in a relationship, I was, so again timing wasn’t on our side, but still stayed great friends over the years. Fast forward to 5 years later, he randomly sent me flowers, I asked him to be my date for my cousins wedding and the rest was history. ”


  1. What a gorgeous E-session. Her hair tho 😍, u did a great job as usual

  2. I just love looking through your gorgeous blogs!

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