Allison and Lee

How we met:

Lee and I met 4 years ago at the roof top bar in Sienna Mercato. We are both originally from Pittsburgh, however Lee had just returned after 8 years in Cleveland for college and medical school. After the first hour of talking, we both knew we were perfect for each other. After talking all night, I drove him home (he took an uber because downtown is no place for a big truck). It was in the car together we realized that we both loved country music. Our second date was an impromptu 30-mile bike ride and that soon became our favorite activity to do together. A little over a year later we moved in together!

The proposal:

Lee proposed on 9/9/19 after only having the ring in his possession for 24 hours. He was just “too excited to wait any longer!” Lee picked up the ring from Henne Jewelers on Wednesday and the next night he was at my parent’s house showing them the ring and asking my father for permission. He originally had a plan to propose at Sienna Mercato where our first date was, however after showing my parents, he told them he was too excited and may do it that night. Well, he sure did surprise me. It could not have been sweeter. Lee would always say to me, “Hey! I have a question for you,” and I would always jokingly ask, “Is it THE question?” He came home from work Thursday and was acting strange and seemed anxious. Lee then said, “hey, I have a question for you.” I just laughed and said, “What? What are we doing for dinner?” and I started to walk away. Next, he dropped down on his knee in the kitchen and asked me to marry him!


The Wedding:

The wedding will be held on January 9, 2021 at Saint Paul Cathedral, followed by a reception at the Carnegie Museum in the music hall foyer. We both used to go to the “Dinosaur Museum” when we were little kids. Who knows, maybe we were there at the same time!


  1. Omg the champagne shots are so cool, love the gallery!

  2. Kristi, how do you do it? Seriously this is so beautiful! Amazing work!

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