Ashley and Luke

Our story:

Luke and Ashley first met in a chemistry lab freshman year at Penn State University! Luke always noticed the smiling girl running into class late for their 8 am, while Ashley noticed the tall guy with the stylish shoes. They met again sophomore year at a mutual friends’ halloween party where they reconnected, became Facebook friends, and took a few pictures together. But the love story didn’t begin here. Third time was the charm for them when they met again at a karaoke bar their senior year and immediately hit it off. They karaoked together to “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls, slow danced to “Get Low” on the dance floor, and they’ve been singing and dancing through life ever since!
Luke and Ashley have been in a long distance relationship since they graduated from Penn State as Ashley completes medical school in Virginia and Luke works in Allentown! They are so looking forward to be able to take the next step together and begin their lives as a married couple.
Their plans for the wedding include a ceremony at St. Paul Cathedral in Oakland followed by a reception at The Power Center at Duquesne University. They are so excited to share this special moment with all of their family and friends!


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