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The moment just before dawn

How they met

From Brielle “I actually had just gotten back from living in Italy for school a few months prior to meeting Ryan. Of course I was beyond happy to be home but missed my little Rome home so much.
Now my family and I are extremely close…honestly from my aunts/uncles to all my cousins they are my best friends. They of course hated seeing me so sad but I think it all stemmed around not having that one person I could truly love and tell everything to — I was so LONELY! So the holiday season rolled around which makes a sad lonely girl feel even more sad and lonely! My family of course devised a plan for the NYE family party (the one I didn’t even want to attend because I was sad I wouldn’t have anyone to kiss at midnight). Well my Aunt Patty and Mom made me get ready for the party and put a smile on because Aunt Patty had an eligible bachelor she wanted me to meet….little did I know he would turn out the be my everything — truly saved me and made my smile come back.
We didn’t even need introduced at the party…we found each other right away…from there I think we just knew that this was the start of forever and at midnight that NYE I truly got to kiss my Prince Charming as the ball dropped surrounded by all my best friends — my family — we made it through that year and 3 more falling! Honestly I think we both knew we would be together forever but just had to wait a few years so people didn’t think we were crazy! We didn’t care. We’d wait forever.
I always told Ryan if we ever got engaged I didn’t care how elaborate but made him promise me he would include my favorite people in the world…my family

The Proposal

Well as Ryan’s luck goes…after months of planning the engagement with my mom to make it absolutely perfect —- literally right down to having my favorite soup as an appetizer to my aunt playing the piano as we walked in…. I landed myself in the hospital the whole week prior too. Ryan refused to let that stop him…he sign me out of the hospital and drove me 3 hours home, got me ready and made sure we were only 3 hours late to our own engagement dinner (I had no idea and was soo mad at him!)
The night ended perfect and although I couldn’t eat any of all my favorites he ordered…every single one of my best friends were in attendance — my family and his.

The wedding day

We couldn’t have chosen a more perfect way to spend our wedding day than to move the family NYE party to the wedding itself!
We have chosen the most classy elegant and timeless venue — because we loved it but even more important — because we know our family will enjoy it so much and throw the best NYE party to date! They truly deserve the best. Our families are our rocks and love them x1000000.
So that’s our story…my cousin’s best friend, dad’s and uncle’s co-coach for the home football team and best man in the world was brought into my life by my favorite people and truly saved me—-he is my everything 🤍
Brought me so much happiness that I truly thought only my family and my little rome home could ever give me.


  1. Love looking at your gorgeous photography

  2. LOVE her hat , it adorably ! Absolutely gorgeous couple and their Engagement session

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