Into the sun

How they met

We initially met at local (in the south side) 6 years ago in February. My friend and I were going out that night for drinks and when we walked in I initially noticed him and his group of friends. When we were up at the bar he bought me a drink and we all started talking. Along the way, he made a sarcastic comment to me and my friend which i didn’t like so we started to leave. Before leaving I stopped at the restroom and as I was walking out he stopped me again and said he can’t let me leave without having my number. We exchanged numbers but in my mind I wasn’t going to talk to him much. Boy was I wrong, because I texted him first after that night 😂 his sense of humor must have worked. I played hard to get at the beginning of our “courtship” but we ended up dating exclusively the next month and shortly thereafter I moved in with him.


We have been together for 6 (7 in March) years. We have done some traveling together (Which we love to do) and one of the places we fell in love with was Aruba. Hopefully, if everything goes according to plan we want to get married there in March or April 2022. (Planning around COVID sucks)

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