Becoming a family of 5

How we met:

Randy and I met briefly at a mutual friend’s 4th of July party in 2014. Shortly after, we became facebook friends. Although we didn’t made contact again for a few years I would get a good laugh out of his posts. I also admired him for being a great dad and always thought his daughter was adorable.

In 2016 my sister suggested that I get on a popular dating app “to see what was out there.” I reluctantly downloaded the app and began swiping through profiles. I was swiping so fast I accidentally skipped right over Randy. I sort of panicked for a moment because I would’ve loved to go out with him, but I couldn’t undo my swipe. I could’ve just reached out to him on social media but I wasn’t brave enough. So I ended up deleting the app, downloading it again and began swiping in hopes I would come across his profile. It took a little while but I found him! We matched up and he asked me out right away.

On our first date we played Putt-Putt (I won, but he says he let me). We hit it off instantly. I knew by the end of that date that he was everything I had been hoping for. We saw each other as much as we could (we were both single parents), and the rest is history!

After about 9 months we introduced our kids to each other. They got along great and had a lot of fun together.  We did trips to the zoo, skating, slumber parties, fairs, all the fun things kids love to do. Although it was hectic at times (and still is) we always felt so blessed that they loved each other and always had the best time.

We made the leap to move in together and blend our two little families into one big Brady bunch in the summer of 2018. Randy proposed a few months later (on his very own birthday) and made me the happiest girl in the world.

Brightest memory from our big day:

Our wedding day was perfect! Having all of our friends and family all at the same place at the same time to celebrate with us was something we will never forget. The 5 of us have all said that the highlight of our day was the sand ceremony. Blending the sand together signifying the blending our family was very special to us. We’re officially a family of 5!


Dream team;


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