Dream a little dream

It sounds so cliche, but I believe Nate and I meeting was definitely meant to be. I’ve known his family way before I even knew him. They have been in my life for quite some time. I went to high school with his sister Kianna. We were in every class together, and after graduation she would come over to my house for fires! His other sister Jessica would always come to my cheer clinics in high school! She was one of the minis and would always pick me to be her partner! My best friend of 15 years is actually the sister of Nates brother Corey! I’ve known Nate’s father and step mother since I was 18. My dad and mom actually rented out my childhood home to Nate’s uncle Gary! My Pappy and Nate’s Pap were good friends back when they were in high school! Then I started working at Nate’s step moms bridal shop! What’s crazy is I didn’t even know of Nathan because he lived out of town! When I became single, Jessica was very consistent on getting us together! She set up a plan to have him come into the shop while I was working. It was the first time I had ever seen him in person and I’m pretty sure my jaw hit the ground! I was so nervous I literally shook his hand! Later that evening, he ended up asking me on a date! After our first date, I think we were both sold on each other! Now here we are a year and a half later engaged and we are getting married in 7 months! I forever have to give credit to Jessica and her consistency on getting us together! But at the end of the day it’s all God’s work!

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