I got a pleasure of shooting an anniversary session for one of my fav 2022 couples. We had a blast and I’m delightful to share a few of my favorites below

How the met

We both went to Slippery Rock University. Ryan was a senior in his last semester and I was in my second semester of sophomore year. A mutual friend who thought we would be a good match invited me to a party Ryan was throwing. I went thinking nothing of it and ended up talking and hanging out with ryan the entire time. While ryan was born in California, his dad was originally from Pittsburgh and we figured out that night that his dad grew up 10 minutes away from my parents house. As we talked more we found so many similarities and overlaps between our lives.

We hung out often throughout Ryans last semester but post graduation he was planning on moving back to California so we didn’t end up dating. Long distance wasn’t going to be an option knowing I had 2 more years of school and we had just met. We decided to go our separate ways.


A month or two later I got a phone call from ryan that he was having car troubles and needed a ride from his dealership. Ryan is VERY friendly and I was shocked he didn’t have another ride home from the car shop. Also I thought he was planning to move so I was confused as to why he was still in Pittsburgh. After some back and forth, ryan finally convinced me to come pick him up at the car dealership and offered to treat me to sushi, my favorite!! After that dinner we realized nothing had changed and we both still had such strong feelings for each other. Also to my surprise Ryan told me he was no longer moving to California and was now planning to get a job in Pittsburgh. Shortly after meeting back up we began dating and here we are 5 years later! 😊




2 years earlier… The engagement session 

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