How We Met


I was 18 finishing up my first year of undergrad and Bob was 22. I was looking for a job at local restaurants close to school and applied at BRAVO to make some extra cash for typical “college festivities.” In May 2011, Bob and I both had orientation at BRAVO restaurant on the same day and time at good ol’ table 16. We both remember the morning very differently, but I remember being EXTREMELY annoyed by him because he kept asking way too many questions and cracking jokes and I just wanted to get orientation over and done with! He also came very overdressed, which I thought was hilarious to see a kid in a suit at a restaurant orientation  If you ask Bob, he’ll say that he immediately thought I was very pretty and that he had never seen a girl with so many piercings in her ears before and he could tell that I had some “flavor” HA! We both are from Pittsburgh, but two completely different towns and went to separate colleges – Bob (Pitt University), Me (Duquesne University). We started working together on weekends and began our relationship as friends who bantered a lot. Like I mentioned earlier, Bob likes to ask a lot of questions so at work he would always ask about my classes, and my views on current events, and how I got my hair to look like “prom hair” – whatever that means in boy lingo. The questions he asked made me interested in him and vice versa – it also helped that he was incredibly outgoing, had amazing hair, and was such “an adult” in my mind given I was so young 😉 I think it’s safe to say we never met anyone like each other before, which is why we both grew so interested in each other so quickly. We started hanging out a lot and getting to know each other outside of serving pasta at a restaurant and then our relationship became more serious early 2012. Over the next 10 years, we began to grow together as adults, accomplish our goals, hit a bunch of milestones, and build our lives around each other.


The Proposal

Bob was very set on giving me the ring of me dreams; however, I have never sent/shared with him what that ring looks like. He automatically went to my sister for advice – smart man! Very long story short, she showed him a photo I had saved on Instagram, so he tracked the jeweler down in NYC and had a custom ring made, which to his surprise took many many months LOL. Fast forward to the end of May 2021, Bob and I were in Charleston, SC – we go there every year, it’s our favorite city. He carried the ring in his pocket, wrapped in a mask all weekend since the ring box was too big to fit in his pants (COVID chic), and finally plucked up the courage to officially ask me to marry him on May 28, 2021 in front of the Pineapple Fountain (one of our favorite spots).


The Wedding

Christmas is our favorite time of year so what better time and place to get married then in December at PPG Wintergarden! We are very much city people and plan to stay here long-term so there was no other place to get married in our mind then downtown Pittsburgh. The venue’s vibe is absolutely perfect for us, and we can’t wait to celebrate on December 9, 2022!

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